“A meat eater, a pescetarian, and a vegetarian walk into a Sainsburys…”



Like a lot of families with busy lives,  mealtimes get stale and enthusiasm for the kitchen wanes.  It doesn’t help that hubby eats meat, I don’t, and our teen is a veggie hoping to go vegan!  Meals have become a sticking point and cooking has become a miserable chore. That, along with a general sense of “running out of steam” in life has seen me set upon new challenges!

I have been threatening these challenges for the last year.  In fact I wish I had a pound for every time I told my family “I’ll go through the recipes books tonight.  Honestly.”

I’ve been in such a creative rut for the last few years that I’ve now given myself two new challenges.  Rediscover a love of food and learn to draw.  And I’m putting both into this new blog.  I really enjoy blogging and I find that it helps me to focus and get organised.

I don’t intend for this to be a glossy, amazing source of recipes.  It’s just my attempt to enjoy food again.

I’m hoping to blog my efforts with  new recipes, more mindful shopping, and little slices of life in between. And I will start illustrating my posts as well as soon as I feel a bit more confident!

Lainey x