Back to a Routine

“I said I wouldn’t be one of those lunatics kneeling on the floor by the oven… And here I am.”

                                                                         Glenn Cosby ~ contestant GBBO


It’s been quiet round here the last couple of weeks, it’s been the last two weeks of the school holiday.  Although we haven’t been away we have had days out, been hiking, binged The Good Place on Netflix, and generally hung out with no routine or real need to know what the time is.

However next week plunges us back into setting alarms, routines, limits on Netflix, and keeping on top of the ironing!  It’s sad but I also love this time of year.  New stuff ready for the new school year.  We’ve kitted out the teen for her last year of school and as usual I’ve treated myself to a little something new. New stationary.  Notebooks to be precise.   I’ll be getting back into my online art course this month and it coincides with the Great British Bake Off returning!  Perfect timing this year.  The recipes and wonderful illustrations by Tom Hovey are the perfect inspirations for me.


As my drawing practice has been a bit hap-hazard the last few weeks,  I’ve bought a notebook specifically for a “drawing my day” routine.  Saw the idea on a book by artist Samantha Dion Baker.  A little visual diary to help get into the habit of drawing regularly.

I’ve started my first page and when this cake goes in the oven I’m sure I will also be found kneeling in front of the oven!

Lainey x



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