Never Stop Never Stopping…

“You have to make thousands and thousands of drawings before an illustration is perfected.”

                                                                             ~  Richard MacDonald


So in my About page,  I said that I would start illustrating this blog when I had the confidence to do it.

Confidence is a fickle trait.

A few months ago I started an online drawing course.  Feedback to my first assignments were positive and gave me a lot of confidence to carry on.  I stopped drawing in secret and drew at the dining room table.  The family stopped by and commented, I even drew outside and showed my neighbour.  She had also done a bit of drawing and we had a giggle because we are both working from the same book!

Then life got a bit busy and I stopped drawing as regularly as I should and I lost that tiny nugget of confidence.  My second group of assignments also came back with good feedback and I have just a few modules left to complete but they look really….I want to say difficult, but lets say challenging instead!

I don’t really feel confident to share my drawings but why wait until I’m good?

Where’s the fun in that?

This blog is supposed to be a challenge and a journey.  Journeys make for a boring story if you only see the last day of it.

So I’m posting now.  Loads of rubbish until we start seeing the good stuff.  And like all the blogs I love to follow,  it will be fun to see progress. I think.  🙂

So here is my first illustration – I’m also making it my header image.  Yikes!


Lainey x

P.S.  The title of this post is the tagline to an Andy Samberg film called Popstar, a mockumentary about a boy band.  It also looks rubbish but fun!

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