A Tale of Two Cannoli

First blog post.

It sets the tone doesn’t it?

Gives potential readers a sense of what to expect.  Hmmmm…

What better way to start a new food challenge and its blog than by going to a Food and Drink festival.  I’m hoping to rediscover a love of food and also get out and about in Nottingham and visit our independent and ethnic food shops.  The Nottingham Food and Drink Festival at Wollaton Hall (AKA Wayne Manor!) last weekend seemed like the perfect event to kick this all off.

Like this blog may end up, it was not quite what I expected.

We went for the food and came home with a hamster.

When we first walked in it reminded me of a local fair we used to have in Beeston Rylands called Plessey Sports.  Held by the local factory it included fairground rides, stalls, competitions, and visiting celebrities.  Although I only remember seeing Red Rum!  People came from all over the country. I have very vivid memories of jewellery I bought, competitions I did, clothes I wore, and even the pop I drank!

This festival had a very similar vibe.  Rides, announcements over a tannoy, tents, and demonstrations of glass blowing and chainsaw sculpting.  We ate burgers and wraps, tried samples of sauces, sweets, and moonshine.  We bought cannoli.  None of us had ever tried it before and it was beautiful.  A  Sicilian pastry with a sweet ricotta filling.  I think they’ve made them on Bake Off.  (My Godfather quotes got very boring very quickly!)

There were cooking demonstrations which I will pay more attention to next year.  I just wanted to feel inspired and this festival certainly did that.  Nothing too unusual in the way of food but plenty of strange alcohol.  We didn’t come home with bags of stuff as we thought we might.

Then we made the mistake of going into the hamster tent.  Why were there hamsters at a food and drink festival?  I’m still trying to work that one out.  However, my teen has wanted one for about 3 years.  And as we stood looking at the little balls of fur, she said she knew we couldn’t get one and hubby said “weeeeeeel….”  Half an hour later we’re in the car with a hamster, a travel case, and a cage with everything it’s heart could desire.

She’s the exact colour of the cannoli we had.  That’s what our teen called her.

Hey if it’s good enough for Joe Gatto…

I doubt anything here will go to plan!

Lainey x







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